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"Feeding Flavorful Feasts Since 2020"

The Glassy junction is an Indian style tapas bar, the first one of its kind in Perth. At The Glassy Junction, we take pride in providing a relaxing environment with lounge seating and great customer service. Our main motto is to have all our customers leaving with a great experience.


Party Platter(7-8 people)

Crunchy samosas elevated with a medley of vibrant chutneys and tantalizing spices, a street food delight reimagined.

Chicken Schintzel

Tender chicken, perfectly breaded and fried to golden perfection, served with a touch of Indian-inspired flair.

Party Sliders - burgers

A juicy, mouthwatering burger crafted with the finest ingredients, marrying classic American comfort with Indian zest.


Melted cheese, flavorful spices, and savory fillings enveloped in a crispy tortilla, offering a fusion twist on a beloved Mexican favorite.

"Indulge in Timeless Flavors from Authentic Indian Recipes"

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Exquisite Curries

Delight in rich, aromatic sauces infused with traditional spices.

Tantalizing Tandoori

Savor succulent meats and vegetables cooked to perfection.

Flavorful Vegetarian Delights

Experience a vibrant array of meat-free dishes bursting with authentic Indian flavors.

Irresistible Street Food Specialties

Explore the bustling streets of India through our diverse selection of savory snacks and appetizers.



Customer service is awesome Great Customer service should always be rewarded, and what the family witnessed Saturday in such a busy day. Thanks guys

Shivendra R

Great bar on the east side of the terrace. Thursdays are biriyani special. Great place to hang out for after work drinks. The team there is amazing. Always ready to welcome you with a smile.


Amazing food and menu , The cocktails here are just tooo good . Staff is super friendly and accommodating

Roving 605096

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